Achieving digital empowerment in libraries with ADELE

Earlier this year, the “Advancing Digital Empowerment of Libraries in Europe” (ADELE) project was launched. This project brings together four BIBLIO partners – Public Libraries 2030, EGInA, Global Libraries Bulgaria Foundation, and ICCU, as well as the Local Government Management Agency, Ireland, to help usher in the digital era in public libraries across Europe. Drawing from the SELFIE tool for schools developed by the European Commission, the ADELE project will develop a free customisable web-based tool to help organisations active in adult education reflect on how they use or how best to use digital technologies.

To jump start this process, the ADELE team dove deep into the statements and areas covered by the SELFIE tool to see how they worked for the library sector. Where necessary, the team adapted, removed, or added statements and areas so that the tool would work for the non-formal education sector. Now, the team will send out the revised statements to selected libraries for them to evaluate and suggest changes where they see fit. From there, a beta version will be created before we finalise the ADELE tool. 

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