BIBLIO webinar 29.03 – Meet the speakers

The BIBLIO specialised course started in February and gave participants the opportunity to specialised in one of the two profiles of library professionals: as Community Engagement and Communication Officer (CECO), or as Digital Transformation Facilitator (DIGY).

The courses are running in Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Latvia, giving the priority to learners who had completed the MOOC and already had an idea for a project, and a library where they could undertake the work-based learning.

While the courses are still ongoing, they have been the springboard for the ideas and projects of the speakers who will take part in the webinar organised by ALL DIGITAL on 29 March 14:30-16 CET.


Latvia: Rūta Bokta

Rūta Bokta is the leader of Regional Education centre at the Gulbene Regional library. She has Master’s degree in Educational science. She organises professional development of librarians and non-formal education activities for adults. She’s currently involved in the DIGY specialisation course in Latvia.

Project idea: Rūta will talk about the topic of assessment of skills acquired during training at the library. When participants of non-formal education programs finish the learning process, it is necessary to understand their level of skills. It is very useful for both trainers and participants.

Bulgaria: Krasimira Nyagolova

Mrs Nyagolova completed the BIBLIO MOOC course and now she is participating in the Specialisation Course in Bulgaria, specialising in the CECO profile.
She is the head librarian of Customer’s services at Regional Library – Silistra, Bulgaria. She has been working on modernising the traditional library services and implementing innovative ideas in library practice. Her library has developed a lot of green initiatives since 2008 and works on conducting the campaign “Go Green at your library” in Bulgaria.

Greece: Angeliki Giannopoulou

Mrs Angeliki Giannopoulou is working as a Librarian at the Library & Information Center
of the University of Patras, Greece. She holds a bachelor in Librarianship and in Psychology and a Msc in Business Administration (MBA). Angeliki is an active librarian having participated in many conferences either as an attendee or as a speaker. She is taking part in the CECO specialisation course.

Italy: Davide Sgaramella

Davide Sgaramella is a technical collaborator of the spin-off D.A.BI.MUS. s.r.l., University of Bari Aldo Moro, specialised in digitising books, papers, and cultural resources. Davide deals with 3D graphics, training, and designing applications for interaction with cultural heritage.

Project idea: Davide believes that the matching between analogue cultural goods and digital is fundamental to ensure sustainability over time to the cultural resources. He also believes that disseminating them to other people is the key to encouraging the search for the latest innovations digitally and interactively. Davide successfully completed High School in Informatics – Project ABACUS at the State Industrial Technical Institute “Galileo Ferraris” of Molfetta in the province of Bari in 2013. He then obtained a Higher Technician diploma to promote and enhance digital and experiential cultural tourism – Communication Management 4.0. He participates in the SilvHER Project (Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Values and Heritage), co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. Although librarianship is not his field of work, recently, Davide became interested in the BIBLIO project, completing the MOOCs, and now he has decided to specialise as a CECO professional following the blended courses.