Local data bases – highly evaluated e-resources in libraries in Latvia

At the beginning of February, BIBLIO project partner Culture Information Systems Centre from Latvia organized the online seminar for library specialists on e-resources available in libraries in Latvia. More than 600 library specialists participated in the seminar. The great interest of librarians confirms the important role of libraries in providing reliable and trustworthy information to library users.

Since 2001, Culture Information Systems Centre has been implementing the State Unified Library Information Network project. Every year the state budget funding is allocated for the implementation of the project activities.

The main goal of the State Unified Library Information Network project is to ensure coordinated operation of the information system of state and public libraries. The system provides libraries with the opportunity not only to collect, preserve, systematize national cultural and scientific values, and provide access to them, but also to use modern information technologies to provide information services – information search, access to necessary books, publications, references, and documents from Latvian and international information sources.

Within the State Unified Library Information Network project, the Culture Information Systems Centre implements various activities and programs. One of them is “Electronic publications for Latvian libraries”. The aim of the program is to ensure high-quality and reliable access to Latvian and foreign electronic resources in different types of libraries – public libraries, libraries with the state importance, scientific and special libraries, as well as libraries of schools, colleges, and various scientific institutes.

As part of the “Electronic publications for Latvian libraries” program, all public libraries of municipalities of Latvia within the State Unified Library Information Network receives free access to the databases Letonika.lv and the Newspaper Library of Lursoft Ltd. News.lv.

To update and popularize the databases available in libraries, as well as to introduce librarians with news and trends, the Culture Information Systems Centre regularly organizes seminars. On February 2, more than 600 librarians from all over Latvia participated in the online seminar “E-resources offered by the Culture Information Systems Centre in Latvian for libraries in Latvia”. During the seminar the participants were informed about upgrades and topical issues in the Letonika.lv database, the Newspaper Library of Lursoft Ltd. News.lv and e-Books library platform 3td.lv, and learned about different types of search and statistics retrieval options in resources, as well.

Read more news and information about the Culture Information Systems Centre on the website www.kis.gov.lv.

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