Online Laboratories to promote animated readings among young people

The public library “VEZ” located in Mestre, Venice (Italy) will organise four online laboratories to promote animated readings among young people.

The project called “A project in one Book 2020/2021 – an intensely-lived year”, will start on March 9, with the first meeting named “Immobility” regarding timeless books and reading as a support against loss.

The idea was born to link passion for reading and readers’ experiences thanks to the dramaturgical techniques such as the use of voice, writing, and graphic expressions. The meetings will be led by Elisabetta Ticcò, an expert in Drama in Education.

What is Drama in Education? It is a technique that can be used in education to enhance teaching, and facilitate the learning of any language and subject. Based on the definition included in Michael O’Hara’s book “Drama in Education: A Curriculum Dilemma”, it is focused on notions of education of the emotions, imaginative insight, the role of creative expression in education and the effective development of the child.

The project is one of the many initiatives promoted by the Libraries Network and Youth Plan of Venice to be part of the daily activities of young people at home.

Considering what we are experiencing with restrictions on mobility and the impossibility of promoting events in presence, how can we keep youngsters busy at home? This is not the first project with the aim of helping and supporting young people, because it is the third year that Libraries Network in Venice works on organising a series of innovative laboratories. Compared to the past, this time they will take place online.

The second meeting – “Interior Dimension” – will be on 16 March and it will cover the passion for reading as meditation time, faith and prayer.
The third one – on 23 March – will be focused on “Relationships”, and it will address many themes: sympathy among readers; reading as a means of socialisation by creating an online “book club”; voice as a contact tool; love for books as a comfort zone in which youngsters can find hope for a better tomorrow.

The fourth one will be on 30 March, and it is called “Renewed”. It is based on curiosity: books help us imagine and create new projects and through reading we can look forward. Reading can also support us to find new gestures to tell and read new adventures.

The project proposed and developed by the Librarians Network in Venice is just one of many other initiatives organized by Libraries all over Europe.

However, what is important to underline? When libraries organise themselves in promoting networks, they can reach more people and be a reference point for anyone interested in improving books knowledge and innovative tools with the goal to share readings and passions. Moreover, thanks to digital and online tools, people can still share their interests and improve their knowledge in spite of the pandemic situation in order to be ready for the future.

Featured image by @VEZMestre Facebook Page