Welcome to Biblio!

The digital transformation is changing the role of libraries and library professionals, and it’s not always easy to understand and adapt to it. Our Biblio aims to analyse the library sector, to highlight skills gap, changes and needs, and to support the librarianship in gaining new skills and developing new innovative services.

We have envisaged Biblio not just as an e-learning platform; we designed the project for creating a digital ecosystem for skills assessment, learning offer, validation and recognition.

We have built a website where you can enter an innovative digital cultural atmosphere. We chose not to use the typical labels to identify the website sections. Instead, we wanted our users to imagine this website as a flipping book to be enjoyed and read.

We realized the home page as an “Intro” where there is a big outstanding library welcoming you. If you want to learn more about us – the project partners, check the “Authors” section. The “Stories” give you the opportunity to be updated on the project progress and read the news related to the digital transformation in the library sector. Under “Contents” you can read the outcomes of project activities; e.g. analysis of the survey and anything arising from our research or working on the project.

Last but not least, in the section “Write us” there is a contact form, if you would like to get in touch.

You can consider BIBLIO as an evolving meta-library, an interactive guideline and a reference for enhancing your digital knowledge. It aims to inspire and create best practices to contribute to the digital transformation of libraries, starting by considering the role of people who work there already and those who do not yet, but wish to work with an innovative approach.

Some appreciate these changes and want to be part of them, others could be afraid because they do not know how to improve their knowledge and skills.

How will Biblio address this issue?

Some of the first-rate activities are:

  • Analyze the training needs and offers on the library sector;
  • Identify a set of emerging job role profiles;
  • Create modular VET curriculum addressing EQF level 5 will be designed, applying a specific VET methodology based on learning outcomes and on the blended learning principles;
  • Deliver VET curricula based on a set of digital Open Educational Resources;
  • Acquire more than 40 digital and transversal competences;
  • Design targeted teaching activities to provide the users with adequate skills for being the new professional digital curators.

Some outcomes of the above activities will be a MOOC and a Specialization Training Course including face-to-face, virtual learning, project-based learning and a work-based learning phase.

Training will be delivered via a dedicated online platform that stimulates sharing and exchange of knowledge, experiences and best practices. Work-based learning phase will be based on the principle of inter-generational learning. European instruments (EQF, ECVET and EQAVET) will be applied, facilitating the recognition and validation of qualifications. Job role profiles will be mapped to ESCO and e-CF. BIBLIO will have a significant impact mostly on library professionals, unemployed people in the library sector and libraries, by enabling them to manage and offer innovative digital tools and services for users.

Our project will guide you in challenging, understanding and solving library problems and gaps by facilitating the acquisition of digital and transversal skills for library and cultural heritage professionals.

All you have to do is… stay tuned and take part in it!