Join the EntreComp for Digital Hackathon

Next 15-16 June 2022, BIBLIO project partner ALL DIGITAL is hosting the EntreComp for Digital Hackathon. The event is organised in the framework of the EntreComp Community – the one-stop-shop platform on entrepreneurial education in Europe, inspired by the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework. The Community is part of a project for the European Commission and the European Innovation and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA) to achieve synergies between entrepreneurial learning and the green and digital transition.

During the hackathon colleagues from across the worlds of entrepreneurial and digital practice and policy will exchange, discuss, learn and come up with new ideas. Working collaboratively in groups, we will build ideas and solutions for the challenges presented. Each group will be supported by an expert facilitator, but it is up to the participants to work together to find answers and share ideas. We can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

Due to the interactive nature of this event, participation is limited, and the organisers reserve the right to select participants should the maximum number of seats be filled.

The challenges

Why work with competence frameworks? What are advantages of using competence frameworks like EntreComp or DigComp? How do they help practitioners? Are there challenges associated with their implementation? How can (specific) competence frameworks be improved? Are there alternatives to competence frameworks?

How EntreComp and DigComp support the Green Transition? How do entrepreneurial competences integrate into the green and digital Dual Transition? Is there an added value to approaching the challenges of the green transition through an entrepreneurial and/or digital mindset? Are there common risks and challenges to furthering entrepreneurial, digital and green competences?

How to enable future generations of EntreComp and DigComp users? How do we inspire future generations to join today’s communities of practice? How can we adapt current frameworks and approaches to future challenges? What methods can be used to avoid current initiatives becoming outdated quickly?

How to create the right synergies between EntreComp and DigComp? Are there competences between the two frameworks which synergise better than others? Should there be a focus on selected priorities when it comes to developing competences? What are the obstacles?

Why is it interesting for BIBLIO and for librarians?

The training curriculum in BIBLIO aims to improve the digital and entrepreneurial competences of librarians. It is the perfect example of synergies between these two types of skills. By participating in the hackathon, librarians will increase their understanding of EntreComp and entrepreneurial learning and the link between entrepreneurial and digital skills – something that participants in the BIBLIO course are already experiencing. They will also create new network connections and collaborations, will be able to join the EntreComp Communities of Practice and learn more about the EntreComp Champions Award.

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