Librarians’ skills in the digital age

Last 4th April our partner The Central Institute for the Union Catalogue of Italian Libraries and Bibliographic Information, ICCU, was invited to tell the BIBLIO project experience in the academic context of University of Urbino “Carlo Bo”.

The Commission for Relations with ‘Interested Parties’ of the School of Humanities, Arts, Philosophy of University of Urbino “Carlo Bo” organised a series of meetings on Humanities and employment prospects. In this context the BIBLIO project was chosen because it aims is to address the skills gap between training offer and job requirements.

The series of meetings aims to emphasise the extreme importance of humanistic skills nowadays, skills that are often discredited compared to the study of the hard sciences.

Simonetta Buttò, ICCU director, started talking about the importance of humanistic knowledge and the relevance of librarian profession in a changed environment of information. She also gave a historical background of the profession since she teaches Libraries history at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.

Flavia Massara focused, instead, on BIBLIO project, its survey on skills needs composed of 4 steps (desk research, questionnaire for European librarians, in-dept interviews with librarians and users and in-dept interviews with VET providers to collect best practices for our training offers) and its results.

Ample space was also given to the Work Based Learning phase to emphasise the project’s practical approach to the everyday reality of libraries and to underline the intergenerational exchange of skills.

Students of Humanities and professors really appreciated our work!