Public consultation on opportunities offered by digital technologies for the culture heritage sector

The European Commission has launched a public consultation in view of the evaluation and possible revision of its main policy instrument to support the digital transformation of the cultural heritage sector.

Digitisation of cultural heritage, especially in high quality and with advanced technologies, can provide significant support to conservation, renovation, study and promotion of European cultural assets. In an age of accelerated global digital transformation, digitised cultural heritage items made available online are valuable resources for education, entertainment or further re-use. They also give a lot of visibility to Europe’s cultural diversity and can inspire a sense of belonging and shared European values.

The Commission is seeking your view on the importance of digitisation and digital transformation in the cultural heritage sector and ways of supporting such processes. The consultation aims at collecting the views of Member State competent authorities, national and regional cultural heritage institutions, international and umbrella organisations and networks, the Europeana ecosystem of organisations and professionals, technology stakeholders such as companies, SMEs/entrepreneurs, research organisations, academia and citizens.

Your participation and feedback to this consultation will help the European Commission to shape the appropriate policy framework and actions to preserve Europe’s valuable cultural assets and to give better visibility to its unique cultural diversity.

The online consultation for the evaluation of the Recommendation takes place between 22nd June 2020 and 14th September 2020 at 23:59 CET.


Source: the EU Commission announcement

Featured image by Jonathan Francisca on Unsplash