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Data Media Group

Raina Blv. 29. LV 1459, Riga, Latvia
Mara Jakobsone

SIA DMG ( Data Media Group) was established in 1998 as research ,project management, consulting, and media company in ICT and digital skills field. It has participated in many significant projects, organized a variety of events in the Baltic States and become a well-known and highly recognized company in the ICT  and digital skills sector.

DMG is a member of LIKTA ( Latvian ICT association ), has cooperation partnerships with many municipal education centers in Latvia as well as in the Baltic Sea region , as well as universities and schools. DMG researchers are also involved as experts by education and digital skills committees under LIKTA, as well as the state Employment agency and University of Latvia.

Relevant areas of expertise and experience:

  1. Digital competences design and evaluation for different profiles
  2. Digital skills training curricula and assessment tool design
  3. Trust network / connections with learning or employment organization;
  4. Promotion of digital transformation and digital competences
  5. Experience in EU project management and implementation.

DMG is a training provider. The Data Media Group has extensive experience and expertise in management of international projects, analytical and quantitative market research and analysis as well as ICT and competences related research , promotion and facilitation of international partnerships, organizing conferences,

Training and exhibitions, as well as publishing, PR and marketing services. Data Media Group experts all hold University Degree in Economics or IT.