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In one of the BIBLIO project partner countries – Latvia – since 2007, a comprehensive web resource for professional information in the library sector – the Latvian Library Portal – has been established and operates.

The Latvian Library Portal ( is a web-based resource of professional information in the library sector, where published information provides a general overview of current actuality in the library industry, reflects the diversity of library work and promotes understanding of various library work processes.

The Latvian Library Portal was created in 2007 and has experienced 3 different versions since its origins. In response to the industry situation and the needs of library professionals, these versions have differed in their visual appearance, functionality, and content concept.

Currently, the portal offers information about current events in the library industry in Latvia and in the world, articles on current issues, stories of library experience, information about important research in the field of culture and other content of interest to specialists in the field. The portal also provides a calendar of events, job advertisements, information on the library industry system, legislation, terminology and other aspects of the sector, supplemented by professional literature, a video library and other materials.

The Latvian Library Portal is a modern online resource, the creators of which have set their main task to reflect various aspects of library work. One of the main emphases of the portal is placed on the latest trends in the library sector, as well as the implementation of recommendations of professional international organizations, promotion of mutual cooperation of specialists, sharing of resources and experience.

The technical maintenance of the Latvian Library Portal is performed by one of the BIBLIO project partners – Cultural Information Systems Center. National Library of Latvia is responsible for the content of the portal.

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