A new Master’s degree in Digital Heritage from the University of Bari

On 6 November 2020, the Department of Humanities DISUM of University of Bari Aldo Moro (our Biblio project coordinator) launched a new inter-class of Master’s Degree in Digital Heritage. Museums, Archives, Libraries.

The course is promoted by the Degree Course in History and Social Sciences of the DISUM Department of the University of Bari, coordinated by Prof. Annastella Carrino. To realize the course, other departments have contributed as well, including the Humanities DISUM Department (directed and coordinated by Prof. Paolo Ponzio) and the Departments of Computer Science, Physics, Law, Literature, Languages ​​and Arts. Prof. Roberto Bellotti, Director of the Physics Department and Prof. Donato Malerba, Director of Computer Science, also participated in the launch meeting.

The course is designed to be an innovative combination of Humanities and hard Sciences that profile new professionals capable of managing different disciplines.

This course is the result of a reflection on the new scenarios determined by the Digital Transformation related to the Cultural Heritage. Hence, for designing of the course, the stakeholders from the field have been regularly consulted. The response has been highly positive with the participation of Antonio Parente, Director of the Apulia Film Commission, Anna Vita Perrone and Antonio Lovecchio of the Teca del Mediterraneo, Alessandra Aprea of ​​the Regional Mediateca, Gianvito Mastroleo of the Di Vagno Foundation, Gemma Di Tullio of the Apulian Public Theater, Luigi Masella of the Gramsci Foundation, Francesca Di Bitetto of the Presidia of the book, Anna Fuggi of Hyperborea, Fabrizio Tatarella of the Tatarella Foundation, Maria Gambatesa of the Territorial school office of Foggia and Pamela Giorgi by Indire Foundation. All of them have offered focused contributions, which confirm the proactive cooperation between academics and members of institutions, companies, public and private entities.

One of the dominant training blocks of the inter-class is dedicated to the sciences that integrate digital skills in the library sector. This relationship creates a strong synergy with the Biblio project, coordinated by Prof. Nicola Barbuti. As emerged from the above, the necessity of new professionals in Humanities with high digital competencies has become a daily topic. For this reason, the members of the Biblio consortium are working to complete the design of the new digital librarian profiles. These collaborations are a demonstration of how much the DISUM department is active in training future generations of workers with humanistic-digital skills.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/annastella.carrino/posts/10219017384331673