Training Programme

The BIBLIO VET curricula mainly addresses EQF 5 and foresees the development at least 40 modules:

  • 20-25 modules for transversal competences (communication, entrepreneurship – mapped into EntreComp, leadership etc.)
  • 20-25 modules for digital skills that will be mapped into the DigComp framework related to: application design and development, electronic resource management, data access, blockchain, text and data mining, ICT quality strategy development etc.

The training programme will be tested in 4 piloting countries (Italy, Bulgaria, Latvia and Greece) and will be aimed at delivering the curricula that will be structured as follows:

  • MOOC of 6-8 weeks addressed to 100 library professionals per involved country, for a total of 400 library professionals from all over Europe
  •  Specialization courses on the two BIBLIO profiles – DIGY and CECO addressed to 25 trainees per piloting country (tot 100), including:
    • 240 hours of Blended training;
    • 20 hours of Face to Face sessions;
    • 160 hours of Digital/Virtual Classes and self-study
    • 40 hours of Project-based/collaborative learning
    • 25 hours of Assessment
    • 160 of work-based learning experiences (traineeships or job-shadowing)

The Specialisation courses are open to anyone interested in the digitalisation of libraries and working or studying in a related field. Since places are limited, priority will be given to those participants who:

– have successfully joined and completed the BIBLIO MOOC course;

– are already in contact with a local library where they could be hosted during the Work-based learning phase;

– present a valid project idea.

Further details will be given in the application form.

Selected modules can be skipped (prior previous acceptance) based on the capacity of the participant to provide certificates/diploma that proves an equal number of study hours for each module as it is described in the course curriculum. Professional experience will be also taken into consideration by evaluating the professional experience described in the CV provided.

Key information:


February – October 2022 Blended Course
July – October 2022 Work-based learning


Online and onsite in Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, and Latvia

Contact us if you want to remain informed on the final programme of the BIBLIO training activities!