Training Programme

The BIBLIO VET curricula mainly addresses EQF 5 and foresees the development at least 40 modules:

  • 20-25 modules for transversal competences (communication, entrepreneurship – mapped into EntreComp, leadership etc.)
  • 20-25 modules for digital skills that will be mapped into the DigComp framework related to: application design and development, electronic resource management, data access, blockchain, text and data mining, ICT quality strategy development etc.

The training programme will be tested in 4 piloting countries (Italy, Bulgaria, Latvia and Greece) and will be aimed at delivering the curricula that will be structured as follows:

  • MOOC of 6-8 weeks addressed to 100 library professionals per involved country, for a total of 400 library professionals from all over Europe
  • Specialization courses on the different BIBLIO profiles, addressed to 25 trainees per piloting country (tot 100), including:
    • 240 hours of Blended training;
    • 20 hours of Face to Face sessions;
    • 160 hours of Digital/Virtual Classes and self-study
    • 40 hours of Project-based/collaborative learning
    • 25 hours of Assessment
    • 160 of work based learning experiences (traineeships or job-shadowing)

Contact us if you want to remain informed on the final programme of the BIBLIO training activities!


  • Access to the BIBLIO MOOC (Expected for September 2021 – only for registered users)
  • Access to the Specialization course online training platform (Expected for July 2021 – only for registered users)
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